Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You're Invited to 
Super Saturday October 19th
10am-2pm at the church.

We're getting ready for another Super Saturday and I'm LOVING the crafts we've pulled together for you!
 I'm excited to announce that we will also be having a delish cooking/baking demo and a knitting class!
Below you'll find a description and picture of the crafts. If you have any questions please contact Krystal Atkinson at 435-232-2424.

Picture Frame Pedestals: $16.50 for a set of two. One Large on Small. This kit includes wooden candlestick, 4x6 frame, hot glue and foam brush. You'll need to bring your own paint for this project! 

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser: I made this little gem for pretty much free because I had everything on hand to make I forgot to price them out. Check back for an update on the price but I can't imagine them being more than a few dollars! All it took to make this was a mason jar with it's lid a soap dispenser (that I got from an empty soap dispenser that I was about to throw away) and a little spray paint! If you have a mason jar and soap dispenser it would be .25 cents for use of the spray paint per jar....satin nickel or dark oil bronze. Please let me know if you'll be using spray paint but your own mason jars and soap pumps so I can make sure I have enough for you! 

Framed Chalkboard: $6.50 per kit. Kit includes frame, chalkboard and foam brush. You will need to bring your own paint for this craft! The frame around the chalkboard might be a little hard to see in the picture above but it's a cute, trendy design and you'll love how smooth the chalkboard is!  

Felt Pumpkins: $15 for a set of three or $5 each. Aren't these adorable? They're perfect for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating!


The Living Christ Wall Frame: $14.00 includes a black 11x14 frame (slightly different then the one pictured), pictures of Christ and the Living Christ document. This is a meaningful but simple project of cutting and pasting that will leave people astonished that you made it yourself! ( I was anyways when I saw Krystals hanging in her home -Erica).

Chevron Slat Board: The price for this cute craft is broken down by board size, lettering, chevron pattern and foam brushes. You will need to bring your own paint for this project! 
Large Slat board (pictured above): $8.99
Large chevron pattern: $5.00
Small Slat Board: $5.99
Small chevron pattern: $4.00
Wood letters: $2.00 per letter

Fabric Pumpkin- $3.00 

Popsicle Stick Puzzles- $1.00 (not pictured) Simple print off a 5x5 picture of anything you like ( Picture of Christ, Prophets, Family, Favorite Disney Characters) and glue it on the sticks to make a fun little puzzles for the kids! 

Orders for slate board, pedestal picture frames and framed chalk board are due Sunday, October 5th. All other craft orders are due on October 13! Please make checks payable to Krystal Atkinson.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Retreat 2013 Crafts

Take a look at some of the crafts we have going for the retreat on May 3rd and 4th...

 Scrapbook paper frame (4x6)- We will have scrapbooking paper available to pick from but please feel free to bring your own for your frame to coordinate with your own style! Frames will cost $3.00 each.

 Monogram door wreath- $27. You may have the option to customize your flowers on this wreath. You will need to talk to Hilary Watkins or Krystal Atkinson to customize.

 Scrapbook paper tile coasters-  set of 4 coasters $5.50 again we will provide some random designed scrapbooking paper but if you want a certain look please bring your own paper.

Dry-erase child quiet activity book- $11.50. You can customize this quiet book for your kids by filling it with age appropriate activity pages. Kids use dry erase crayons so the pages can be used over and over again. The activity sheets can easily be switched out from time to time to keep the kids interested. Included in this package will be a white binder, slip covers, package of dry-erase crayons, a few activity pages to get you started and some supplies to decorate a cover page. I will also include a list of resources to print activity pages on your own. If you have scrap-booking supplies please bring them!!

Tile Quote-$6

Indoor/outdoor flower box- $11.50. These flower boxes are 24 inches long and about four inches high/wide.  These would look great as indoor decor or porch flower boxes. You will sand and paint your pre-built flower box. The price includes the wood box ONLY. You will need to by a "sample size" of paint (around $3 from lowes) in a color you love. I will have some antique glaze available to add an aged look to you box if you want. I added a pull to my box to give it more character. You of course can add one to yours or write on it...lots and lots of ways to get creative here!!

Embellished flip flops-to make this easier I am leaving the supplies up to you to get! You will need:
Flip flops (I got mine from old navy. Two for $5!)
an assortment of beads, and color any style.
If you want to do the "V" style flip flop (like the white one pictured) you will need ribbon to wrap it.
If you have a glue gun please bring it with you. Any questions? please ask Krystal Atkinson!

Wood photo plaques- (8x8 is $5.50, 5x7 is $4.50, words of Christ plaque is $4.50)
For these plaques you will need your own photos. The "words of Christ" is included with the price.

I'll have more info and more crafts and prices posted soon! An order form will be emailed to all of you in the next few days! If you have any questions please contact Krystal Atkinson. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Saturday 2012!

This year's Super Saturday is fast approaching with it being on November 17th starting at 10am and ending at 2pm! Check out the crafts and if you want to order any of them fill out your order forms with payment in full and have them to me by this Sunday, Nov. 4th.
 If none of these crafts speak to you than please feel free to bring your own projects to work on! We will also be offering classes/Demos through out the day- How to Change a Tire at 10:30 and 12:30 and Green Cleaning Tips at 11:00 and 1:00. We will have delicious soups there too (10am-2)!
If you have any questions please call or text me, Krystal Atkinson. Also, if you are paying with check please make them out to me. Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

 Counter top Chalkboards small and large (pictured below-large measures 15 inches by 10 inches). Platters will also come with an optional bow to attach.

Update International 15" x 10" Oval Serving Tray(CT1510V)

"JOY" burlap banner

Firefly tulle lights- color options pictured below: Gold (above), silver, white, red, green, or blue) 

Burlap Monogram- specify your letter on the order form!

Gift tags: set of 8-pictured above
set of 16-pictured below

Coffee Filter Wreath: white (pictured below), also available in brown.

Below is a sample order form so you can see the prices. Sorry I don't have one for you to print out from the blog.

Name:____________________________________  Phone:_____________________________

Price per item
Burlap Monogram
*specify letter(S) in next box


Burlap JOY Banner


“Firefly” (tulle Lights)*
Gold, green, red, blue, silver or white.

red,white-$4.00       (price is per color)

Counter Top Chalkboard Platter (large or small)

Sm: $2.00
Lrg: $6.50

Coffee Filter Wreath
(White or Brown)

White- $9.00

Christmas Gift Tags-Set of 8


Christmas Gift Tags-Set of 16


Grand Total:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Super Saturday

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Saturday

We will be having a Super Saturday on October 15th. So mark your calendars because it will be a lot of fun. Craft order forms are due by Sunday, September 25th and no late forms will be accepted. If crafting isn't your thing still come and eat lunch with us, watch a demonstration, and make some scripture beads for free. More info. to come on what the demonstrations will be and what time things will take place.

"Count Your Blessings" Photo Board
Two options:
1)We buy the supplies for a black & white board $9.50
2)You bring some supplies to customize it $6.50
*See the order form for details
*The boards do not include the red rosette or bow embellishments
but you can bring ribbon and fabric to make them.
Click Here for other examples

Rosette Pins
Single rosette pin $2.00
Triple rosette pin $2.50
*fabric selection will vary

Rosette Rings $1.50
*fabric selection will vary

Seasonal Plaques
Spring $4
Summer $4
Fall $4
Winter $4

Make Your Own Notepad
Do you have a bunch of scrapbook paper you need to use up?
3 1/2 x 5 $1.00
6 x 6 $1.50
*You bring the paper, we supply the glue & clamps. See order form.

Canvas Textured Photo Blocks
8 x 10 $8.00
5 x 7 $5.00
black or off white paint
*You bring the photos which need to be printed on Luster paper. See order form.

Canvas Textured Photo Plaques
8 x 10 $9.00
5 x 7 $7.00
black or off white paint
*You bring the photos which need to be printed on Luster paper. See order form.

Wood/Metal Recipe Holder with 2 Magnets $9.50
Scripture Beads
Free Make and Take while they last

Placemat Scripture Totes
*Bring the supplies on the list and we will help you sew your bag

Placemat Scripture Tote


-Placemat (check out a dollar store, Pier 1, Target, Ross, or TJ Max)

-2 yds of 1 ½ inch Wide Ribbon for the handles (no wired)

-approx. 28 inches more of Ribbon to band around the middle

-Matching Thread

-Flower or Broach to bling it up (optional)

-Fringe (1 yd) for the top or under the ribbon if you want that look

-Fabric Glue if putting a fringe on your bag

This site Here has cute examples to check out!

Craft Order Form

Craft Order Form